How to install a vapor barrier to control radon and vapor intrusion

Reef Industries offers a complete system of polyethylene vapor retarders, seaming tapes, and pipe boots for total moisture infiltration control. There are several levels of permeance to choose from to meet the specific project demands for roofing, wall and under slab applications.Reef Industries’ Gr ...

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Corporate Overview

D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc. has been a world leader in the Commercial Lighting and Fixtures industry since 1981, specializing in the custom engineering and fabrication of Checkout Lights, Pre-Wired Power Poles, Modular Gondola Electrical Distribution Systems, Electrical Signs, and Non-E ...

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AC Linx Modular Wiring Systems

The key to fast, easy power distribution!

D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems helps St. Timothy Lutheran Church Show The Way!

When St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Hendersonville, TN needed all new directional signage following a major remodel and expansion of the church, they turned to D&P for help. D&P analyzed their needs, designed signage and produced more than 50 directional signs for use inside and outside the church.

Purpose, Values, Voices: What We Stand For, In Our Own Words

ClarkDietrich Building Systems is built on a system of values and a culture that creates an enduring legacy for our customers, vendors and our employees. We take great pride in "the back of our business card", where you will find our Company Values: Do the right thing-do things right. Creative solut ...

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Between Two Studs: Kraken Chat, Part 1

Listen in to the first part of our sit-down with Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT and official CONSTRUCT blogger. Filmed live at the 2016 CONSTRUCT show in Austin, Cherise offers a personal take on the profession of architectural specification.

Between Two Studs: Kraken Chat, Pt. 2

The conversation continues. In part 2 of 2, Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT and CONSTRUCT blogger, segues to industry issues and solutions, including some frank and helpful advice for manufacturers. Take heed.

Extreme 300 Series Performance Door

We’re excited to announce our latest high performance product – the Extreme 300 Series Performance Door!

Extreme 300 Series Performance Grille

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