Apr 23, 2019 - Sioux Falls, S.D.


Raven Industries (NASDAQ:RAVN) today announced that its Engineered Films division has completed the installation and qualification of an advanced seven-layer barrier extrusion line, referred to as Line 15. This new production line is located in Raven’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sioux Falls, S.D.


Raven Engineered Films partnered with multiple industry equipment experts and worked extensively over the past year to design and install the new line. With advanced capabilities, the line was specifically designed to produce complex barrier structures for secure liquid containment and for the prevention of intrusive odors, gases and hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Raven is currently the leading manufacturer of barrier technology geomembranes used in the geosynthetics industry and produces seamless barrier containment films for the industrial packaging sector.


The new multi-layer barrier line produces blown film and sheeting up to 28 feet in circumference, with a thickness range of 4 mil to 80 mils and with optional surface texturing. It houses an impressive 66-inch diameter, seven-layer die that was engineered to provide maximum versatility, utilizing individual extruders for production of barrier structures. With expanded gauge definition, the new line produces both light and heavy gauge wide-width film and sheeting. In addition, its enhanced auto-wind capabilities allow for optimal output of folded sheeting up to 14 feet wide and single-wound sheeting up to 23 feet wide.


“Our new multi-layer line will directly increase available capacity for barrier film, tubing and sheeting while utilizing the latest equipment advancements for strategic growth in complex barrier designs,” stated Anthony Schmidt, Vice President and General Manager of Raven Engineered Films.


Raven Engineered Films is recognized as a pioneer in the plastics industry for its development of innovative polymers through high-strength, light-weight film and sheeting designs to meet optimal product performance, value and sustainability.


About Raven Industries, Inc.

Raven Industries (NASDAQ: RAVN) is dedicated to providing innovative, high-value products and solutions that solve great challenges throughout the world. Raven is a leader in precision agriculture, high-performance specialty films, and lighter-than-air technologies. Since 1956, Raven has designed, produced, and delivered exceptional solutions, earning the company a reputation for innovation, product quality, high performance, and unmatched service. For more information, visit http://ravenind.com.


About Raven Engineered Films, Inc.

Raven Engineered Films, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raven Industries, Inc. Raven Engineered Films has established a well-known reputation for manufacturing and supplying high performance flexible films and sheeting to major markets throughout the United States and abroad. Raven Engineered Films is committed to producing essential film and sheeting to preserve and enhance customer investments while protecting Earth's resources. The company is dedicated to developing targeted product solutions that not only solve precise application challenges but integrate sustainable environmental design practices for long-range performance. Raven Engineered Films’ world-class manufacturing operations include seven locations nationwide, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and proven product expertise to provide the most innovative and targeted product solutions in the industry. Capabilities include multi-layer blown sheeting, reinforced cast/lamination, conversion, custom fabrication, geosynthetics design-build expertise and certified installation services through Raven CLI Construction, Inc. Raven welcomes all product inquiries and can be reached at +1 (800) 635-3456. Learn more about Raven Engineered Films at http://ravenefd.com. 


Raven Engineered Films Brands

Raven Engineered Films markets products under the following brand names: Absolute Barrier®, Conkure™, Dura♦Skrim®, FeedFresh®, FeedPro-G™, FlexForm®, Fortress™, GrainMax™, Hydro-Cap®, HydraFlex®, HydraLine™, Protector™, RainFlap™, Rufco®, SealFresh®, SealFresh® Gold™, SoilSeal™, VaporBlock®, VaporBlock® Plus™, VaporBlock® G™, VaporSafe®, Yokelift™, WebNet™, and Ziliant®.


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Cheryl Butler, Marketing Manager

Raven Engineered Films

+1 (605) 335-0174



A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/6eeb733d-a418-44c3-b3c9-e70cced19c65

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