CSI Northeast Region Caucus

Wednesday, September 13 from 5:50 PM to 6:50 PM « Back

Attend your region’s caucus to meet your region leaders, mingle with members from other chapters, and discuss region business.


CSI Northeast Region Caucus - 551A (5th Floor, East Rooms)
CSI Great Lakes Region Caucus -551B (5th Floor, East Rooms)
CSI Southeast Region Caucus - 552A (5th Floor, East Rooms) 
CSI North Central Region Caucus - 552B (5th Floor, East Rooms)
CSI Middle Atlantic Region Caucus - 557 (5th Floor, West Rooms)
CSI Gulf States Region Caucus - 554A (5th Floor, West Rooms)
CSI West Region Caucus - 554B (5th Floor, West Rooms)
CSI Northwest Region Caucus - 555A (5th Floor, West Rooms)
CSI South Central Region Caucus  - 555B (5th Floor, West Rooms)
CSI Southwest Region Caucus - 556AB (5th Floor, West Rooms)

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