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Wandile grew up in post-apartheid South Africa, which embodied the architecture of that era, marred and purposed for oppression. He believes that despite this oppression experienced in his country, architecture is a beacon of commonality and love shared among communities, therefore taking a leading role in designing a space that speaks to the people that fill it up.

Like most children around the world, he loved playing with his friends in a space of their own, a playhouse. However, growing up in an Apartheid shaped shantytown in Durban, they were more restricted with space. They had to be innovative, learn from their parents, and build their playhouses in-between their families’ shacks. In his community, there was no architect because everyone was an architect. Whenever a new member came into the community, all existing members would bring the materials that they had and helped build a new home. A spirit of unity formed his understanding of the purpose of architecture at a young age.

He has spent his life listening to the people to build a space that is made for the people. Listening empowers people to become a part of the process by speaking up about what they want, choosing how they wish to live. This is liberty. Wandile is disrupting the conventional understanding of the architect as one at the top of a hierarchy, imposing their designs on communities as if they were the subjects. Instead, he views the world by a necessity of understanding the community’s needs, and in turn, creating an environment that enables people to have a voice in the design of their own home.

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

•Discuss the importance of listening and co-creating spaces with the users, creating spaces that are tailor-made for the local people, culture, and climate
•Recognize that architecture is never neutral; it either adds to or takes away from whoever experiences it
•Acknowledge that our creativity in architecture is taken from our life experiences; be inspired to help discover yours and unlock your potential
•Explore the importance of designing places and spaces that empower community resilience

Content Level: 100-300 All Levels

Credits: 1 AIA LU/HSW; BOMI; 1 CSI LU; .10 ICC; NARI

Platinum Program Sponsors: Dow and Tnemec


Education Tracks: Topic: Design, Topic: Personal & Professional Development, Audience: Architect/Design Professional, Audience: Contractor, Audience: Engineer, Audience: BPM/Product Rep, Audience: Specifier, Audience: Owner

Event Type: Education Sessions > Session