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WE26 - Power 90 for Product Reps: Greetings, Meetings & More to Know

Wednesday, October 9 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM « Back

Join us for a unique session format, the Power 90.  You’ll be presented with 4 topics in 90 minutes to maximize your experience.

Use Your Manners (Do’s and Don’ts of Getting in the Door) with Lauren Anderson 
Please. Thank you. Calling ahead. Asking for a meeting. Following up promptly. These are just a few of the best practices of getting in the door at a firm.  During this 20-minute rapid fire presentation, learn how to find out who you really need to connect with in an architectural firm – and it might surprise you.  Discuss the biggest complaints from both the design professionals and reps points of view and identify how to work better together.  We’ll also discuss how to make an appropriate appointment at the right time, and how to make the most of the appointment once you get there.  Finally, we’ll discuss a design professionals work flow, learn about their billable time and how not to overstay your welcome as a product rep.

Networking and Social Media for Product Reps with Eric Lussier
We all know that networking is difficult, so why is it so hard?  Learn the best ways to network and utilize communication channels, including social media with design professionals within the industry.  We’ll discuss the different social media platforms and how best to connect on each platform, as well as what kinds of content should be posted on each platform.  We’ll also explore do’s and don’ts of using social media, as well as how to schedule posts for maximum efficiency.

Specifications:  How You Can Help as a Product Representative with Ivette Bruns
How do you get your product(s) specified?  Many manufacturers’ websites offer either guide specifications or an interactive specification building tool to assist Architects/Specifiers.  However, some architect’s offices have their own master specifications and/or subscribe to specification writing software.  Learn how to identify and work within each architect’s office approach to writing specifications.  The type of product and whether you are a manufacturer or product representative company all impact the approach in getting your product(s) specified. We will discuss different procedures you can use to assist architects when writing specifications.  The best way to be specified beyond this one project is for Architects/Specifiers to identify you as a reliable, primary resource.

Why Wasn’t My Product Used? with Jake LaManna
Are you asking the wrong question?  Surprise, the answer is yes.  Learn how to balance the strengths and weaknesses (quality) of the product with the manufacturer’s support of the product honestly, with an eye toward growing relationships, not just growing sales.  Also, acknowledge what can and cannot be controlled on a project with regards to the product you represent.  When did you introduce the Architect/Owner to the product?  Is the product a good fit for the project?  For the Owner?  Do you understand the goals of the project relative to the value the product brings to the project/Owner? 

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
• Select the right contact in the architectural firm, recognize how to work better with the design professionals and understand their work flow and billable time
• Identify the different Social Media platforms, how best to use each one, what kinds of content should be posted, and how to schedule posts for maximum efficiency
• Determine the best way to get your product(s) specified in different types of architecture firms
• Balance the qualities of your product with its applicability to the project and the relationships you’ve cultivated with the partners on the project (owner, architect/engineer, contractor, subs)


This session was created for product representatives; however all other disciplines are welcome to register, attend and contribute to the conversation.

Credits: 1.5 AIA LUs, BOMI, CSI, ICC

Education Tracks: Topic: Marketing & Sales for BPMs, Topic: Project Documentation & Management, Audience: BPM/Product Rep

Event Type: Education Sessions > Session