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WE06 - Welcome to the “Vendor” Jungle! – Moving from Vendor to Trusted Resource

Wednesday, October 9 from 9:20 AM to 10:20 AM « Back

Enter to the theme of “Welcome to the Jungle!” This backdrop describes the complexity of the Construction Industry in a perfect growth storm. It also resonates to the fact that no matter how experienced, trusted, new, or old you are – many have been forced into the perception of being a “jungle of vendors!” As all design and construction professionals have been inundated with faster project delivery schedules, changing codes, sustainability, resilient design and all the latest trends, under a cloud of sophisticated owners expecting faster delivery than ever, just getting time for a simple project inquiry has become difficult. The pressure on both sides are mounting, while many professionals think all the information they need is on the internet, where they find lots of information yet lack the real knowledge to put things into perspective.  This session will focus on winning strategies for professional product representatives to enhance their relationships with design and construction professionals on the journey to becoming a trusted resource. Explore why strong growth periods create great construction markets yet, at the same time, become a real challenge to those trying to influence the results. Clients have never been so demanding, and they have so many choices today. So why should they choose you, your product, or solution? How do you stand out among your peers? How do you find that edge as a product rep to become the design professionals first choice when selecting a design solution? The construction jungle can be a frustrating place with so many influences and so many perceptions to de-rail your efforts.  Come join the discussion and learn new ways to maneuver your way through the construction jungle.

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
• Recognize the perceptions, limitations and real value clients expect in trusted relationships
• Develop a plan to move from “vendor” to “trusted resource” and gain credibility in the eyes of the client and the industry
• Explore relationship pitfalls and strategies to better understand your client’s expectations and build solutions from the client’s perspective
• Identify how to find winning clients, and where to focus your time to create a mutually beneficial working relationship and build your trusted network


Content Level:

This session was selected for product representatives, however all other disciplines are welcome to register, attend and contribute to the conversation.



Education Tracks: Topic: Marketing & Sales for BPMs, Audience: Architect/ Designer, Audience: BPM/Product Rep, Audience: Specifier

Event Type: Education Sessions > Session